You can enrol at any time throughout the year simply by ringing the preschool on 02 6689 1179 during school days, Tuesday - Thursday 9am-3pm or send us an email at tuntablepreschool@gmail


Fees and payment

We keep fees as low as our funding permits as we believe in keeping early childhood education accessible - our fees are among the lowest in the region.

Attendance fees

$28 / $25*

Enrolled place

This means a guaranteed place each, however payment is required for the full term, whether the child attends or not.

Enrolled places also incur roster day fees.


Casual attendance

Casual places are available until our teacher/child ratio is met and are on a ‘first come, first served’ basis. There is no guarantee a place will be available and they cannot be reserved.

*Proof of low income (Health Care or Pension card) must be shown in order to be charged at lower rate.

Other charges


Roster contribution – per missed roster day

Families of enrolled children are expected to complete one roster day per term for each day per week that their child attends preschool. If parents are unable to fulfil this requirement, there is a contribution fee of $50 per missed roster day.

Roster days are capped at two per family, per term.

$2.50 / $5

Extracurricular Activity supplement

This suplement is a set cost for additional activities which are run during the preschool days. This can include activities such as circus. music or dance classes or visiting performers.

1-2 day attendance charged at $2.50 p/wk.
3 day attendance charged at $5 p/wk.


Repeated late collection

We understand occasional things going wrong, however we reserve the right to levy a fee for the persistent and regular late collection of children.

$20/first 10 minutes + $1/additional minute

Late = 30 minutes after closing time more than once per term, or 15 minutes late more than 3 times per term.

Roster Days

As a community and parent run preschool, your contribution is necessary to our ability to function and for the day-to-day running of the preschool.

Our funding and fees only cover the very basics. We do not have extra money for grounds work, emptying the toilet, some maintenance etc.

parents helping

We rely on parents fulfilling their roster day requirement to complete these jobs. But it is not just hard work – roster days can be enjoyable too!

Families are required to complete one roster day per term per enrolled day. For example, if your child is enrolled three days per week, then you will be required to do three roster days each term.

If you cannot, or do not wish to, do rosters days then a contribution fee of $50 per missed roster day will be added to your preschool fees.

Help out while your child is at preschool

It can be a nurturing experience for both you and your child to share the preschool routine together.

There are plenty of ways to help, such as general cleaning and sorting, as well as allowing staff to spend more time teaching by taking care of basic jobs like cutting fruit and tidying up after fruit time.

Staff or Committee will give you instructions on how you can help. Please remember that staff need to be with the children and cannot sit and chat.

Work at time that suits you

If it suits you better, there are many jobs that can be done outside of preschool hours. Arrange with Maree or a committee member to do work such as brush cutting, weeding, cleaning and shopping, at a time that fits your schedule.

Lend your expertise

If you have a speciality that may benefit the preschool, let us know. For example, if you are handy with electrical devices, computers, carpentry etc, you could fulfil your roster requirement by doing something along those lines.