Our programme

Reflecting our philosophy, our programme is built around the children’s interests and ideas and aims to challenge each child on a variety of levels.

About my beautiful child, a worksheet provided at enrolment and mid-year, helps us to get to know your child and to include their likes and interests into our programme. It is also an opportunity for you to tell us your goals for your child.

We mix free play and structured group activities within a simple and comfortable daily routine.

We begin with free play until morning fruit around 10.30am, then group activities until lunch at 12.30pm. An hour of quiet time allows children to nap or play quietly. Then we have free play until going home time at 4pm.

building dams

Our spacious child-centred environment is a workshop where children are encouraged to choose their own materials from diverse areas. Our staff help develop and guide each child's individual projects and ideas. This self-selection stimulates cognitive growth and creativity, as well as emotional and social development.

3 girls playing instruments

Our group activities are based around music, language, literature and physical experiences, and include learning songs in other languages, listening to stories, cooking together and creating special craft projects. At times, outside teachers provide classes in yoga, drama, circus and music.

tasting strawberries in our garden

We regularly go for walks within the primary school grounds to add variety to the day and access to the particular beauty of our surroundings. We are committed to promoting an environmental education that is deeply connected to our natural area.

looking at a koala

We have 2-4 excursions each year. In the past, we have been to Nimbin Dairy Farm, Lismore airport, Ngulingah Local Aboriginal Land Council Project Nursery at Nimbin Rocks and NORPA shows.

Your child's journey

We record each child's ideas, thoughts and interactions, through examples of work, photos and dialogue, as well as the child’s own contributions, into an individual journal and the centre's daily diary.

We encourage you to look at these regularly as they are a special record of your child's development and learning stories. Children keep their journal when they leave preschool.

Adjusting to preschool

We work on forming a good attachment with each child and their family which helps children settle into their new environment.

Children handle separation differently. We work with each family to manage this process individually. We will discuss the needs of your child upon enrolment.

Healthy, tasty lunches

Together with Tuntable Primary School, we offer freshly made lunches with a preference for local, vegetarian and organic ingredients. These are cooked by parents in the Tuntable Primary School kitchen.

Preparing for primary school

In term 4, we offer a ‘ready for school’ programme in for children who will be attending primary school.

This programme includes literacy and numeracy activities during quiet time, encouraging a longer attention span through journal work and providing opportunities for leadership and group communication.