A parent’s perspective

Tuntable falls early childhood centre is more than just a preschool!!

It is a sanctuary for our children and also ourselves. 

It has been 8 years since I first stepped foot into this sweet place and what a journey it has been. 

I currently have my third child thriving through this school, and I hold a special place in my heart for it.

The educators here and specifically the head of the team, Maree, will become part of your family’s evolvement. They grow into your support system, holding space families when they are going through difficult times, in ways that are meaningful. Helping both our children and ourselves connect with our resilience and strength.

They make themselves available to be present with each child and their individual personalities. They guide your child through their periods of struggles, breaking down behaviours, when they are feeling uneasy with themselves and the world, are anxious and when they are just driving you crazy, with so much gracefulness and expertise.

The staff here model true human values to the children: empathy, compassion, gratitude and reverence for the interdependent web of life. Everything you could want for your child to thrive is offered here at Tuntable falls pre-school but also so much more than you can bargain for. 

The children are inspired through creative expression and the environment on a daily basis. They will come home and tell me things I never even knew.

This school offers a holistic approach to the development of the kiddies. Some of my children’s favourite activities at pre-school are the circus, music and dance classes, sitting by the fire in winter and making bunya nut pesto, going down to the creek during summer, collecting rocks and making ochre face paint, learning the Spanish songs at morning tea and riding around on the bike track. There’s even yummy vegetarian cooked lunches available on all three days the school is open, cooked by the primary school next door. 

Here snuggled into the rainforest is where you’ll find my children’s haven.

Come in and have a play one day!  

Parents perspective by Jaz Who