Our visit to Nimbin Aged Care Unit

Tuntable Preschool’s Visit to Nimbin Aged Care Unit

We recently visited the Aged Care Unit at The Nimbin hospital again. Last time we visited, we sang for the residents. This time we thought we would do water colour painting with the residents, so that we could connect more naturally and get to know one another.

“We are visiting our elders” said Sofia

The water colour paintings were done in small groups of two children with a preschool staff member and resident doing water colour painting together, or alongside, if the resident didn’t want to paint.

Christine, a resident, enthusiastically painted with Juno and Jeevan with a big smile on her face.

Many of the residents commented on the beautiful colours of the water colour paintings and we left them for residents to decorate their rooms afterwards.

One hospital staff member said “This is definitely the highlight of their day”, referring to the children’s visit.

The children were very excited to meet a resident, Jean, who is 102 years old!

“Can you believe that she’s 102?” said Leo.

Jean spoke to the children about life in Nimbin during World War 2, and about the performances, movies and dances that were regularly held at Nimbin Town Hall.

The children listened attentively to her stories. Jean told us she has 8 grandchildren and 12 great grandchildren.

Jean said: “Gee these kids are well behaved” referring to our pre-schoolers…

And they were.

Two parents of our preschool children work at the hospital.

Max said: “My mum works here”

Juno said: “My favourite part of the day was visiting my mum’s work”

It was a lovely experience with mutually reciprocal benefits for both children, residents and their families, and both preschool and hospital staff.

We would love to make this a regular part of our programme – connecting with the elders in our community.

Thankyou to Cushla Lobb, (nurse and parent), and to Tracey Sheehan (Nurse Unit Manager  at the Aged Care Unit at Nimbin Hospital) for allowing this to happen.

Maree Conroy

Nimbin Good Times Article August 2018