Worm farming

Worm farming fun at Tuntable Falls preschool.

Starting off our new term at Tuntable Falls preschool we have been tending to our worm farm. Our farms were donated by our wonderful family Jax, Cawdor and Evey.

The worm farms continue our commitment and engagement to sustainable living by promoting life cycles: The worms help keep our veggie garden soil healthy to grow the food we prepare and et in our preschool kitchen. We then feed our separated food waste to the worms.

Our children engage in separating their compost for the worms at meal times “Worms don’t eat oranges” Max reminds his friends. As a group we decided we needed new compost bins with pictures of food the worms don’t like. Together we aerate the soil, lift their worm blankets and make sure our food waste is distributed evenly through our 3 farms . “We feed them scraps and they eat it, but we don’t eat the worms!. We have worms at our home garden, they wiggle and dig in the dirt” Gypsi tells us.

We are open 3 days a week throughout NSW school terms on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, from 8.30am till 4 pm. We are located on the beautiful Tuntable Falls Community, 10 minutes drive from Nimbin Town. A bus service can be arranged if necessary.

We have vacancies for 2019. Call us on 66891179 to enquire, or email us at tuntablepreschool@gmail.com