A home from home

When we first arrived at Tuntable Falls Preschool some 18 months ago, I couldn’t quite believe where we had landed. What a magical place it is! Before you even make it through the school gate, you are immersed in beauty and nature. The bush setting is very special and unique. It’s a perfect place for adventure, fun and incidental learning opportunities are around every corner.
When my now 4 year old first started at the school we were pretty new to town. We were definitely ‘outsiders.’ The welcome we received at the preschool from the staff and other parents was very special to us. We immediately felt a warmth and felt accepted into a lovely community.
As the months ticked by, life became pretty rocky with some intense health challenges and a new born. The support I received during this time from Maree and the staff was fantastic. At home, it’s fair to say life was quite chaotic for some time! Preschool provided a stable space and an open heart at a very difficult stage in our lives. Not just for my son, Findlay but for all of us. A beautiful solace. I’ll always be grateful for the support we received.
Findlay is a very independent little boy, with a strong mind and a great sense of adventure. Tuntable Preschool is wonderful at encouraging his spirit and providing an array of activities that help him to grow. Every child is supported in the same way. Parents help in setting their children’s goals, which I really enjoy being a part of. We feel very much part of a team.

My sons’ favourite things about preschool are definitely the workbench (where he tells me with great excitement he gets to use ‘real tools’), the endless craft activities (especially the sticky tape, in which he needs shares) and gardening (taking pride in the produce he helps to grow). He likes nothing more than creating and although he has a large appetite for craft it’s always satisfied with something new to explore. The generosity and commitment to learning is second to none.

As parents, we also enjoy contributing to the preschool. My husband has been into school to introduce his guide dog, Chevy and help educate the children about the role of these special dogs. He is returning to read to the children, using Braille books. The most special part of this is that the children have requested it. Maree and the team have a wonderful way of helping children direct their own learning.
I cannot recommend Tuntable Falls Preschool more highly. It’s an amazing place where children learn through exploration, adventure and fun. I struggle to get my son to leave most days! We feel so blessed to have found the school and be a part of such a special community. It’s definitely a home from home to us!
Thanks for having us:)

Cat Bunting